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More Details on the Changes at Torrisi and its Offshoot Parm

Today the Robs report on what to expect from Parm, the new Torrisi Italian Specialties offshoot, and also on the changes that are in store for the original space. First, what is sure to be everyone's new favorite summer obsession, Parm. The Torrisi boys report that this new bigger space will be designed to look like a kitschy retro basement bar, complete with neon signs, wood wainscoting on the bar, and cushioned bar stools. It will also have an open kitchen and 35 seats and will serve an extended version of Torrisi's current lunch menu, complete with (are you sitting down?) hot appetizers, half a dozen new sandwiches, hot plates, cocktails, and desserts both day and night. To go lunch orders will be taken through a take out window to streamline the process and separate the office drones from the leisurely lunchers.

As for Torrisi, when Parm opens they'll renovate the original space to make it more comfortable—no word yet on how long the city/Kate Krader will be forced to go Torrisi-less during the interim—will launch a lunch version of their dinner prix fixe, and are playing with the ideas of an extended tasting menu (10 - 12 courses) and a reservation policy. Giddyup.

Expect Parm to open this summer.
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