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A First Look at the Fries & Sauces From The Frying Dutchmen

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2011_04_fryday.jpgNew York is about to get its first French fry truck in The Frying Dutchmen, slated to launch at the end of May. It's the brainchild of first-time restaurateur Ben Goldberg, who came up with concept after a trip to Amsterdam, where he fell in love with the city's pommes frites. Benjamin reached out to Dave Martin of Top Chef fame, to help with the menu. When we caught up with the two earlier this week, they were deep into recipe development at The Kitchen NYC in Midtown.

The Fries:

The Sauces:
Ben and Dave are shooting for about 16 or 17 sauces for the launch, some of which will be like your traditional thick French mayo. Others will be sweet dips, and some will be lighter things, like a hummus or fresh salsa. The sauces will be made from scratch every day in The Frying Dutchmen's commissary kitchen in Long Island City, right beneath the 59th St. Bridge. The menu is still in flux, but here's a few things we tried:

· Caribbean Pink Guava (Like a thick mayo, with a bit of citrus kick)
· Caramelized Pineapple (Sweet, rich and creamy)
· Roasted Poblano BBQ (One of Martin's specialty sauces)

The Truck:
The truck is currently in the shop, but when they launch, they're planning on splitting their time between Midtown, The Flatiron, Hudson St. in the lower West Village, Soho, Murray Hill (at night), and the area around Columbia. Of course, you'll be able to track their movement on the usual social media sites (follow them @frying_dutchmen). You'll also be able to place your order online, so you can just swing by the truck to pick up your fries without having to wait in line. In terms of pricing, it will be competitive with Pommes Frites in the East Village, so about $4.50 per order, with a huge portion for around $6 or $7.
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