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Gravy Brings Southern Fare to the Flatiron This Saturday

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[Krieger, 4/26/11]

Riding on the Southern comfort food wave that brought New York Seersucker, Low Country, and to a certain degree, Van Horn Sandwich shop and The Brooklyn Star, comes Gravy, a fairly large, interestingly named, and extremely colorful Southern-influenced restaurant opening on East 21st Street this Saturday. Here, chef Michael Vignola will serve fare inspired by the regional cuisine of Charleston, New Orleans and Savannah, including crawfish gumbo fitters, black eyed peas hummus, Corn Flake-crusted chicken with andouille, and scallops and grits. The soaring space is 6,000 square feet and seats 145. Download the menu here (PDF) or see it below.

32 East 21st Street, Flatiron District


32 East 21st Street, New York, NY 10010