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The Best Burger in New York Reader Poll: Wild Card Burgers

Whitman's; Social Eatz; 5 Napkin;

One of the most important parts of Burger Week is determining once and for all, through a highly imperfect bracketing and voting system, which burger is the best burger of all New York. We've chosen 16 burger contenders in four categories from a list of Eater Burger Committee faves and reader submissions. The four categories are fast food style burgers, pub style burgers, popular restaurant burgers, and wild card burgers.

Shake Shack and Corner Bistro are confirmed IN for the final round of voting, and it looks like it's going to come down to the wire between Minetta Tavern and The Spotted Pig in today's gourmet restaurant burger vote. Now, for the Wild Card round, a smattering of other burgers. These guys are burgers readers wrote in about the most, burgers from Burger-centric restaurants that didn't fit into the other categories, and burgers that are perhaps a little weird, a little wild. Since it's the Wild Card round, we threw in five contenders.

Poll results

M. Wells Diner

21-17 49th Avenue, Long Island City, NY 11101 Visit Website