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Nightlife Shocker: Don Hill's Closes After 8 Months

Courtesy of A Medium Format, Iggy Pop at Don Hills

Shocking news spread like wild fire last night that Don Hill's, the live music and dance club, was bankrupt and would be closing, effective immediately. The club was originally owned and operated by nightlife fixture Don Hill until last summer, when Hill inked a deal to bring in Nur Khan and Paul Sevigny as partners to run the place. The deal allowed Hill to stay in the game while the all star duo, fresh off the opening of their restaurant and lounge Kenmare, expanded their empire and found a home to throw the kinds of parties that Sevigny's old Beatrice Inn was known for. Things got off to a giant start in September 2010 when the club wowed Fashion Week with a series of celebrity studded concerts including Iggy Pop, Dead Weather, and Hole, but it all seemed to go downhill from there.

The rock and roll club never seemed to break through a very crowded marketplace, and in an ominous sign, basically skipped Fashion Week when it rolled back around in 2011. Then came the news the Don Hill passed away last month. At a party held that night in his honor, Khan and Sevigny promised those gathered that the party would roll on, but apparently not for long. According to a tipster, the rent hasn't been getting paid and the landlord went and changed the locks, telling the club owners he will be tearing the building down.

Maybe Khan and Sevigny are stretched too thin by running a restaurant and a Los Angeles nightclub. Maybe the landlord was willing to look the other way for his recently deceased longtime tenant on back rent but not the new partners. Or maybe the crowds that once populated the Beatrice Inn, Rose Bar and Sway have moved on and were never replaced. Khan tells Page Six that the building will be turned over to developers noting that the property offered a "moneymaking opportunity unconcerned with preserving Don's legacy. I will be sad to see the doors close as it was such a passion project for me.
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Don Hill's

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