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Shake Shack, Bill's, Burger Joint by the Numbers

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How many burgers does Shake Shack sell daily? Who supplies the meat for Bill's Bar & Burger? How many pounds of potatoes does Burger Joint go through daily? This and more vital information below as we break down BURGERS BY THE NUMBERS.


Burgers sold: 1,000 per day ??
Pounds of meat: 2,500 pounds per week ??
Meat supplier: We have a direct relationship with a Midwest beef supplier, but we can't divulge. The key though, is that we have two full time butchers on staff that grind meet all day. ??
Liters of ketchup: 290 liters per week
Liters of mustard: 200 liters per week
Lettuce, tomatoes, onion and pickles: 60 heads of lettuce, 3 cases of tomatoes, 50 pounds of onions, 6 gallons of pickles daily

2011_04_burgerjt.jpgMost popular burger: Our signature burger is "the works" - cheese (a combination of white cheddar and Colby), lettuce, tomato, onions, pickles, ketchup, mustard and mayo
Most popular milkshakes: 59% chocolate. 36% vanilla, 5% strawberry??
Gallons of milkshake: We go through 90 gallons of Ben & Jerry's vanilla ice cream? ?per week
Milkshake machines: 3 blenders??
Potatoes 40 pounds of potatoes ??per day
Cheese 40 pounds of a combination of white cheddar and Colby cheese per day
How many times a day does the line stretch beyond the curtain? Every day is different but on average the line wraps around the curtain during the peak lunch and dinner hours, on the weekends the hours aren't as defined and will be busy straight through.


Burgers sold: On a busy day we can sell around a 1,000 ShackBurgers. ??
Meat supplier: Pat LaFrieda ??
Most popular milkshakes: Chocolate is our most popular shake, with Vanilla, Black & White, Strawberry, Fair Shake (coffee), Peanut Butter and Caramel all basically tied behind chocolate.
Milkshake machines: We have 6 spindles at each Shake Shack for our hand-spun shakes.??
How long is the line on average at the Madison Square Park location at noon?: The line in Madison Square Park during lunch service when the weather is warm is around 35 - 45 minutes (and grows shorter or longer, depending).??
Most popular locations: Our original Shack in Madison Square Park remains a destination..All our other Shacks are popular within their own neighborhoods, and each pretty much just as busy as the other.

2011_04_bills12.jpgBILL'S BAR & BURGER

Burgers sold: 1350 at Rockefeller Center; 375 at the Meatpacking District
Pounds of meat: 4,025 per week (both locations combined)?
Meat supplier: Pat LaFrieda
Gallons of ketchup, mustard, and secret sauce: 1550 gallons/monthly at Rockefeller Center; 310 at the Meatpacking location
Most popular burger: At both locations it's the Bill's Classic; though the Meatpacking location has the cult classic the "Fat Cat"
Most popular milkshake: Vanilla 30%, Chocolate 20%, Cookies & Cream 18%, Peanut Butter Bomb 22%, Mint Chocolate Chip 10%
Gallons of milkshake: 320 at Rockefeller Center; 140 in the Meatpacking District weekly
Milkshake machines: 6 machines at Rockefeller Center; 4 blenders in the Meatpacking District
Potatoes: 575 at Rockefeller Center; 140 in the Meatpacking District daily
Cheese: 160 pounds at Rockefeller Center and 45 pounds in the Meatpacking District daily

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—Jackie Goldstein
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