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Guess the Burger Identities, Win a Bunch of Meat

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How well do you know New York’s famous burgers? Take our Burger Master Quiz to find out. Below we’ve chosen pictures of twelve excellent New York burgers found across the city. Two readers that guess all twelve correctly and send in their answers to the contest line will win monster packages of meat—including prime striploin steaks, prime rib eye steaks, chop beef Lafrieda blend, lamb racks and veal rack chops—from the good folks at Pat LaFrieda. If there are more than two perfect submissions, the winners will be chosen randomly after the Friday, April 29 5 PM deadline. Answers will be revealed next week.




10)2011_04_burgergrid6.jpg11) 2011_04_burgergrid12.jpg122011_04_burgergrid5.jpg

[Photos: 9: Flickr/myinnerfatty]