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Introducing Eater's First Ever Burger Week

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2011_04_burgerweekart.jpgStarting right now and ending, oh, around 5 PM Friday, Eater will be your headquarters for all things burger for this, our first ever Eater Burger Week. We're going to sit down with some of the city's biggest (and smallest) burger suppliers, we'll hand out about $1,000 in meat through an all-week contest, and there will be all kinds of voting and videos and guest bloggers and burger-related stunts. So do come back here regularly throughout the week to check it out.

Or, check out Burger Week on your lunch hour. Eater asked five of our favorite restaurants that currently do not have burgers on the menu to make a special Eater Burger Week creation, available all this week and next. LaFrieda provided the meat, and in certain cases, special blends, the chefs went to town, and if we do say so ourselves, the end results are pretty fantastic. Every day we'll highlight a different burger, but below is a quick guide to what's being offered:

Chinatown Brasserie: 5 oz LaFrieda ground duck and house-ground lean duck breast burger, served with sliced crispy-skin Peking Duck, with a side of lotus root chips, avocado relish, and pickled papaya. $18, served at lunch. [Eater Place Page]

Ma Peche: 8 oz chuck and short rib beef burger, topped with lemongrass-chili butter, garnished with pickled jalapeno and cabbage slaw, with a side of shrimp chips. $16, served at lunch, all profits go to Edible Schoolyard NYC. [Eater Place Page]

Sho Shaun Hergatt: 5 oz shortrib burger with lamb bacon, truffle mayonnaise, carmelized onion and pickled ramp compote, tomato, and ramp leaves on a housemade brioche bun. It's offered for lunch and dinner in the Pearl Room and Black bar for $20 or as part of the $35 prix-fixe Closing Bell menu. [Eater Place Page]

Kin Shop: 7 oz goat chuck and lamb brisket burger mixed with yellow bean aioli, pickled onions, chili jam, and crumbled fried taro root on a housemade Sriracha bun, served with a side of preserved Siamese watercress and mustard greens. $16, served at lunch. [Eater Place Page]

Maialino: A 7 oz beef burger heavy on the brisket served with house-cured bacon, escarole, griddled onions, and gorgonzola cheese. Comes with a side of suckling pig skin puffs (aka house-made pork rinds). $17, served at lunch. [Eater Place Page]

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