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Chinatown Brasserie's Triple Happiness Peking Duck Burger

As part of Eater's first ever burger week, chefs at five major New York restaurants that don't serve burgers agreed to make a special limited edition burger, served just this week and next. Every day we'll highlight a new burger, starting with today's Triple Happiness Peking Duck Burger at Chinatown Brasserie.

In preparation for Burger Week Chinatown Brasserie chef Joe Ng discussed a number of potential blends with Pat LaFrieda (who supplied the meat for the burgers) but eventually decided to go with duck as a play on the restaurant's signature Peking Duck dish. After experimenting with different fattiness levels, he went with a combination of fattier ground duck and house ground lean duck, and he seasons the mix with fresh minced ginger, crispy fried garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and a blend of spices.

After letting the mixture, fairly wet at this point, sit for ten minutes, Eng grills the burger, puts it on a soft potato bun, and tops it with a slice of crispy Peking Duck, spicy cranberry-pomegranate hoisin sauce, and julienned cucumber and scallions. It's served with a side of crunchy lotus root chips, avocado relish, and pickled papaya on the side, all for $18.

Want to get a taste? The burger will be served now through May 8 from 11:30 AM - 4 PM. And stayed tuned to get a peek at the limited edition burgers at Ma Peche, Kin Shop, Sho Shaun Hergatt, and Maialino.
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Chinatown Brasserie

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