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Preview Ghost Street at St. Marks Hot Pot Parties

Pop-up season continues! The James Beard Foundation pop-up is in full effect, yesterday came word of both a Bill Telepan and a Nate Smith pop-up, in Trbieca and Williamsburg, respectively, and we're getting pretty tempted to bring back the Pop-Up Generator. Now, the latest pop-up is a string of hot pot parties from chef Sean Scotese. Close restaurant industry followers may remember that Scotese owned the very short-lived restaurant Eastern Alley down on Clinton Street. After it abruptly closed last March, he did some traveling in China where he and a friend launched a series of mobile dinner parties, and came back to NYC to open up a new restaurant inspired by his travels called Ghost Street. The restaurant will center around Chinese hot pots, and while it's developing, Scotese has been offering previews all month in the form of pop up parties. The "hot pot parties" will move around over the next few months but it currently has a residence at Je'Bon on St. Marks Place. Read about what the last one was like here.
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15 St. Marks Pl., New York, NY