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Huge Milk Drums Announce Arrival of Cheese Shop Beecher's

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Few Friday afternoon email subject lines can get us as excited as one with the words "huge ass" and "milk drums," and indeed the pictures above, submitted by an Eater reader, deliver on the promise. Workers are unloading some huge ass milk drums into the Flatiron storefront that will soon be home to Beecher's, a much beloved Seattle cheese shop that will open its first New York City location later this year. Looks like big things are in store: when it opens, the shop/factory will show the cheesemaking process through plate glass windows (much like Jacques Torres does with chocolate downtown), and will also feature a wine bar and a cheese cave. They'll sell around 20 cheeses made in house and products like mac 'n' cheese.
· Plywood: Beecher's [~ENY~]


900 Broadway, New York, NY