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Where to Drink Before M. Wells; Murray Hill Girl Wine

A sneak peek of what's to come next week

MURRAY HILL— There is now a line of wines called Murray Hill Girl, featuring a "a sophisticated, high-heeled, short skirt-wearing woman" on the label. [DNA Info]

DITMAS PARK—Now that Vox Pop, the left-leaning ill-fated Ditmas Park coffee shop is closed, where do all the area socialists go to hang out and drink coffee? Well, soon it will be the as yet unnamed new coffee shop on the corner of Westminster and Newkirk. Or so the new 29 year-old owner hopes. [Your Nabe]

LONG ISLAND CITY—Oh hey, if popular Quebecois diner M. Wells is busy, try out its Polish dive bar neighbor. The taps don't work and they don't have the food they advertise on the awnings, but it's definitely small, dark, and slightly intimidating. [Lost City]

CONEY ISLAND—At this year's Nathan's Famous hot dog-eating contest on Coney Island, women competitors will be ghettoized to their own division for the first time. And the women will be winning a lot less money than the men. Four times less. The first place winner in the men's division gets $10,000, and the winner of the women's division gets a mere $2,500. Click through to Eater National for more. [Eater National]