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Tribecan Sues David Bouley for Being Filthy

Chef David Bouley, who has had many public run ins with his Tribeca neighbors over the past decade, has offended their delicate sensibilities once again. Robert Curtis, a lawyer, Duane Street resident, and neighbor to Bouley's Bouley Studio is suing the chef and restaurateur for alleged filthiness. Apparently, Bouley's waste removal practices (i.e., "reckless" dumping of produce and trash) have brought legions of bugs to the neighborhood and he's not doing enough to fix it. According to the suit, his garbage has led to "an infestation of fruit flies, blood-sucking bugs, bugs that just raise welts, odors of rotting garbage, seeping black ooze through the floor and dangerous waste piled high in front of 155 Duane Street." Not the black ooze!

It's unclear what kind of financial compensation Curtis is seeking or if he'd settle for the court ordering the chef to clean up his mess.
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Bouley Studio

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