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Matt Abramcyk's Tiny's Now Open for Lunch

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[Jackie Goldstein]

Tribeca gets a hip, but old-timey, hangout with the opening of Tiny's, the new project from club owner and restaurateur Matt Abramcyk. The restaurant occupies an old townhouse that dates back to 1810, and features several design details that recall the post-WW2 industrial era, like a copper coffee bar, pressed tin ceilings, and a Marlboro Man poster. On the second floor, there's also an American flag that used to hang in previous Abramcyk project The Beatrice Inn. The bi-level space has about 60 seats and a fireplace, and it's being pitched as a laid back neighborhood spot. There's also an event room, two floors up, that's accessible via a secret door.

Chef John Martinez has put together a menu of Italian-influenced New American fare, including things like a bay scallop crostini, and a Tiny's Burger with pickled beets and a fried egg. They're currently open for lunch (1:30PM-3:30PM), but will launch dinner in about two weeks, with plans for brunch a bit after that. Take a look around, and do send any early reports our way.
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135 West Broadway, New York, New York 10013 (212) 374-1135