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Il Matto to Become American Restaurant Called White Church

Last week, after closing his eccentric but two starred Italian Tribeca restaurant Il Matto, chef and owner Matteo Boglione went before Community Board 1 to seek approval for a new concept that he and his lawyer said would be more financially viable in the space. Now Flo Fab has a couple of new details on the project.

Called White Church (named after the streets, not a religious sect), it will be an American restaurant with lower prices than its predecessor and a "New York City look." They'll replace those dining pods (right) with tables and chairs, and overall the restaurant will be "more casual and less scary." Some Il Matto signature dishes, like artichoke croquettes with saffron sauce and pecorino crème brûlée will remain on the menu. They'll open in a month.
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White Church

281 Church St., New York, NY 10013