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NYPD Explains Recent Crackdown on LES Nightlife

From horses to underage drinking, the NYPD has become much more involved with regulating the Lower East Side nightlife scene over the past few months. The increased enforcement has something to do with the arrival of Captain David Miller, the 7th precinct's new executive officer. Capt. Miller once worked in Chelsea and says dealing with several violent crimes involving neighborhood nightclubs influenced his decision making, and he has brought his enforcement policies with him to his new job.

At a meeting last week, Miller said he expects security to do their job and for bar owners to enforce noise and underage drinking rules or face the consequences. Miller also denied the claim that rather than work with a bar owner that he has an issue with, the NYPD simply shuts a bar down on a Friday night without warning, saying that "no bar owner who’s ever had a problem can tell you I did not walk in there first and talk with them personally". Miller also convinced the neighbors that he understands their plight when he said the Lower East Side is "not a free-for-all. It’s not a Mardi Gras situation down here." And he accused many of the bouncers in the area of taking bribes to let underage drinkers into bars.

Los Feliz, which Miller and the NYPD shut down last week for underage drinking, will reopen tonight.
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