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Neighbors Prep for Chumley's Reopening with Protest

Almost four years after the famed, ancient speakeasy and guidebook staple Chumley's shuttered because of structural issues and was completely dismantled, it inches ever closer to its reopening. There's still a ways to go, but the bar is close enough to complete for the neighbors to start complaining. Late last week neighborhood activists began dropping petitions in the buildings of Chumley's neighbors, asking local residents to protest the new iteration of the bar, even before the owners have had a chance to present their plans.

The petition contends that Chumley's "will no longer operate as a speakeasy, but more closely to a sports bar" and that its renovation was funded by the Fireman's Union. Thus, neighbors need be concerned of "drunk and loud tourists," talking and smoking in the street, noise in the courtyard, and "Frequent honking, caused by delays as drunk patrons try to hail cabs on Bedford Street." But again, it may be a little premature for the pitch forks. The photo to the right was taken last week.
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[Photo: the current backside of Chumley's via Mac 'n' Chi's]


86 Bedford St., New York, nY