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Hotel On Rivington Borrows Beauty & Essex Concept

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Last week came word that CV, the tiny nightspot just off The Hotel on Rivington lobby would be closing to make way for a new concept. Today comes some additional information about what will be arriving by way of Jed Stiller and Matthew Isaacs, CV's former operators, who tell Eater that THOR has inked a deal with corporate food provider Chef and Company to operate the space. Isaacs and Stiller say that the new partnership, hoping to piggyback off the success of Beauty and Essex, will first convert Matt Levine's former Levant East area into a restaurant focused on small plates and sharing. As for the CV space, THOR will turn that into a tequila bar, including a taco stand in what was CV's most popular table.

As for CV, Isaacs and Stiller say they "retain the rights to the name CV and its likeness and we are currently searching for a new home for our staff and operation." They will be throwing a weekend-long going away party on April 29 and 30.
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New THOR Concept

107 Rivington St., New York, NY 10002