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Four Years Later, Monument Lane Brings Life to Day-O Space

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[Krieger, 4/14/11]

Sometime this week or next, depending on a number of external factors, Monument Lane will open in the old Day-O space, almost four years after the old diner closed and the space was left to languish by its landlord. Here's hoping it was worth the wait (and all those Historic Preservation meetings)!

Designed as a rustic neighborhood tavern—kind of reminiscent of Vinegar Hill House—Monument Lane is named after the colonial-era portion of what is now Greenwich Avenue and includes old touches like centuries-old wooden flooring, antique doors used as tables, and vintage prints. And while a final menu hasn't been released, their chef, Picholine alum Brian Murphy, will serve a mix of tavern classics. Think meatloaf, pot pies, burgers, and trout, and snacks and starters including pork cracklins and buttered radishes. As far as prices are concerned, everything sits comfortably under the $30 mark. Expect more to come as the opening approaches, and check out their website here.

Monument Lane
103 Greenwich Avenue, West Village

Monument Lane

103 Greenwich Avenue, New York, NY 10014