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The Five Best Comments on Eater This Week

Welcome to Saturday Night Five, where we shine a light on the best quips, barbs, burns, and nuggets of truth from Eater NY commenters. Here's this week's cream of the crop:

5) BrianVan has an interesting perspective on how the whole "roach falling from the ceiling" incident:

Should have charged the table a $6 extra-plate fee for the roach's seat. No splitting entrees for free!

4) Hipstersdontlie needs some more info before he judges the case of the falling roach:

Was the roach organic?

3) An anonymous commenter prefers Lucy and Max to the city's top critic:

More informative and less pretentious than a Sifton review. At least I understand their references without every other word being hyperlinked.
2) Bookie laments the loss of Il Matto:
Too bad. Hated the decor and the preciousness of the cocktails, but the food was actually far, far better than and nowhere near as bizarre as I expected. Eggplant and white chocolate *can* work together!
1) An anonymous commenter on the opening of Cafe Pushkin, another big Russian project for Midtown:
This is un-belinible!!
Congrats to this week's Saturday Night Five! Next round's on us.
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