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Lucali's Mark Iacono in Critical Condition After Stabbing

This afternoon at around 2:45, a man was brutally stabbed in front of Joe's Suprette on Smith Street in Carroll Gardens. Rumors have swirled since the event, but now the Daily News can confirm that the victim was Mark Iacono, owner of the popular and truly excellent pizzeria Lucali. Eyewitnesses report that a man jumped out of a van and stabbed Iacono and fled the scene, leaving Iacono bleeding on the street. He is now in critical condition having multiple stab wounds to the chest, throat, back, and legs. The News says there's no word of the assailant, but a medic tells Gothamist that he may have shown up to a different ER, also with stab wounds.

It's unclear what caused this violence, but it bears mention that Lucali has alleged minor mob ties. Regardless, this doesn't appear to be a random act.
· Mark Iacono, owner of famous Brooklyn pizzeria Lucali, in critical condition after stabbing attack [NYDN]
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