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Tribecan Concerned about 'Roving Firebomb' Food Trucks

Question: is this just one overly worried helicopter parent type or the beginning of a widespread fallout from the propane tank explosion on Monday at the Frites 'n' Meats truck? Per The Tribeca Citizen's report from last night's Community Board 1 meeting: "A CB1 member expressed concern about food trucks—such as the Frites ‘N’ Meats one that recently exploded—being 'roving firebombs' that are parking right outside our schools. He said he had spoken to the NYFD, and the FNM truck had 'more than one propane tank' and containers of gasoline, which if true, would have been illegal."

Meanwhile, one Eater commenter tells the story of a halal cart explosion while another writes, "This is just another hazard of food trucks. They are driving around with flammable explosive material in the truck. When they idle, they are polluting our air with their diesel generators, and when they are driving around, they can potentially blow up. Nice to know the city is regulating them (not)."

In other news, a restaurant called Little One is opening in the old Columbine/Nutopia space!
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