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Publicity-Starved Chef Protests IHOP's Chicken 'n' Waffles

There are a few funny things about today's Daily News story about a chef who is protesting against IHOP for serving chicken and waffles. And here they are.

1. "The IHOP version of chicken and waffles is fried white-meat chicken tenders served with a Belgian waffle."

2. The chef will protest by setting up a table in front of a small town IHOP in New Jersey and hand out his own version of chicken and waffles.

3. The very buttoned up way the IHOP spokesman responds to the chef's claim that IHOP's dish has no soul, "'I would respectfully suggest we have chefs and owners who prepare and serve it with love,' he says. 'And with soul.'"

4. "Redding stresses, by the way, that IHOP doesn't normally ruffle his feathers. 'I eat there,' he says. 'I love their T-bone steak with pancake breakfast.'"

5. This publicity stunt is being orchestrated by Chef Carl Redding, a man who once ran Harlem icon Amy Ruth's and now owns a fried chicken joint in Atlantic City. He "has traveled to South Africa with Oprah Winfrey and appeared on the 'Today' show and 'Conan.'
· Harlem chef Carl Redding plans protest of IHOP over soul food dish chicken and waffles [NYDN]
[Photo: NYDN]