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Tyler Kord Bummed Out by Spring, the Greenmarket

In an interview with Food Republic, No. 7 chef/owner Tyler Kord goes off on an amusing rant about ingredient-obsession. Sure, he uses good produce at his restaurants, but he doesn't like shopping at the greenmarket ("I don’t think chefs need to go there") and he thinks that overly-simple vegetable presentations are boring ("What’s the point? We don’t need that. It’s not furthering anything"). Most interesting, however, are his thoughts about the start of spring in the chef world:

Everybody, every year is like “it’s springtime, it’s the fucking best time of year to be a chef” and, really, that bums me out...I’ve always been more French than Italian, meaning rather than buying the nicest possible thing and putting it on a plate and serving it, I would rather buy the cheapest bullshit possible and manipulate it to a point that it transcends what it was.
For the record, Kord does mention that "ramps are delicious," and the man is doing some pretty amazing things with fresh vegetables in the sandwiches over at No. 7 Sub.
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