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CB3 Boos Matt Levine's Plan to Take Mason Dixon Space

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The full report from last night's Community Board 3 liquor license meeting is coming right up, but first a quick cameo from nightlife man Matt Levine. Levine, who recently sold his exclusive bar and club The Eldridge appeared to seek approval for a transfer of the Mason Dixon space at 133 Essex. The bar, the only on the Lower East Side with a mechanical bull thank you very much, was temporarily shuttered over the weekend due to a police raid and should reopen after a court appearance. But perhaps not for long if Levine gets his way.

His proposed concept: a New American restaurant which will have strong culinary influences from the Lower East Side's blend of cultures. The facade in the front would be like a deli with cold cuts and macaroni and what not, and they would lose the garage door and add in windows and wood. He stressed the spot would not be a bridge and tunnel magnet. All sounding good so far. Then came the bombshell for CB3: he wants to stay open until 4AM.

Some spoke in support of Levine, mentioning the recently closed Eldridge and how they loved it there. The rest of the community was upset with the hours, and they didn't even know how to go about getting into The Eldridge, going against Levine's claim it would be a neighborhood spot. Neighbors said they'd be okay with a midnight close on weekdays and a 2AM close on weekends. Someone mentioned that nearby, Beauty & Essex closes at 2AM on the weekends. However Levine stuck to his 4AM. The community was unwilling to budge, and neither was Levine. He said he would seek another space and leave the community with the "vomit on the sidewalk," to which people immediately started booing. In the end they withdrew because they were unable to come to an agreement with the stipulations.

Check this space later for the rest of the report from the meeting.
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Mason Dixon

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