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The Early Word on Danny Meyer's Luncheonette Untitled

Last week, Danny Meyer opened his latest museum restaurant, Untitled at the Whitney. Serving only lunch for the time being—dinner twice a week will launch later this month—the restaurant offers chef Chris Bradley's contemporary take on the classic Manhattan coffee shop, meaning bagels with lox, chopped liver and tongue sandwiches, BLTs, burgers, omelets and daily specials like grilled trout, meatballs, and fried chicken. Of course this being the Whitney (and this being a Danny Meyer restaurant), Untitled has seen a bit of traffic in its first week. And many have shared their early thoughts:

The Pleasant News: Riverman500 on Chowhound wrote a piece on his recent lunch at the new Untitled, which he found to be very pleasant. "I had a very pleasant lunch today. The concept, as far as I could tell, is updated diner food. I liked the aged gouda grilled cheese sandwich, the green salad with chickpeas, and the salted caramel apple pie. Nothing earth shattering, but then again I don't think Untitled is aiming to be on the same level as The Modern." [Chowhound]

The Kinky News: DNA Info spoke to some opening day diners at the recently opened Untitled. "Mark Higgins, 54, from Durham, N.C., was visiting the city for a quick museum tour. He was impressed with the staff, though he mentioned that the service was a little slow, an issue he attributed to the fact that it was opening day... "They have some bugs to work out, but the staff was very accommodating and friendly," Higgins said. He had a cup of the matzo ball soup and a lox and egg salad on everything bagel." [DNA Info]

The Voters' Report: On Urbanspoon a whopping 100% of people say they like Untitled! However, it also does mention that only 3 people have voted. On Cititour Guide an unknown number of people have given the food 4/5 stars and the value 5/5 stars! [Urbanspoon, Cititour]

The Needs Improvement News: A commenter known as Driver17 on was not too impressed with Untitled at this early phase. He writes: "Untitled has a long way to go. Salads are pathethic -- chef salad was a little bit of cut-up lettuce with a smidgen of meat. 3 small pancakes for $9? Management was very interested in our suggestions, so hopefully will improve." Time will tell, Driver17, time will tell. [Zagat Buzz]
—Jackie Goldstein


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