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Goodbye to The Pan American, Cupcake Stop, Old Rooster

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1) Williamsburg: A tipster reports that The Old Rooster, a newish restaurant in the Metropolitan Ave. crux that also contains Fette Sau, Saltie, The Commodore, The Knitting Factory, Spuyten Duyvil, and St. Anselm, has been closed for the last couple of weeks. Over the weekend, our reader noticed a note from the gas company stuck on the door saying they owe $600 and face disconnection. No one answers the phone and their once active Twitter account went dead in January. It doesn't look great, but here's hoping they can get back on their feet. [ShutterWire]

2) West Village: Cupcake Stop, a popular cupcake truck that went brick and mortar in December with a shop in the West Village, announced on Twitter two days ago that it was closed for business. Their website is down, phone disconnected. The shutter was sudden and a surprise for its fans. [Twitter]

3) Nolita: A massive fire at 202 Mott St. last week destroyed 13 apartments and three floors of the building there. It also led to the temporary closure of new Nolita restaurant The Pan American, located in the building's ground floor. Reps say they hope to reopen within a few weeks "with a series of new menus to complement the season and their re-touched interior." [ShutterWire]

Cupcake Stop

70 Greenwich Ave., New York, NY