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Lawyers Suing Alto Swear The Shutter Isn't Their Fault

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When Chris Cannon unexpectedly closed his two popular Midtown restaurants Alto and Convivio on Friday, multiple insiders speculated to Eater that the recent wage violation lawsuit against Alto was a definite factor. Some say the recent split with his partner Michael White and the growing pressure and expense of fighting the suit finally got to Cannon. His lawyers told Flo Fab that the speculation is "entirely inaccurate." Meanwhile, the lawyers for those workers suing Cannon swear it's not their fault!

It is pure speculation to say that Alto closed as a result of the lawsuit which seeks unpaid wages and misappropriated tips on behalf of Alto's front of the house workers. As Eater is well aware, restaurants close in New York City frequently and for a host of reasons.
Blaming the workers who brought the suit for Alto's failure to abide by federal and state wage laws is a red herring. The allegations we made about labor law violations at Alto still stand and the case will continue.
Duly noted, lawyers.
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