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NYPD Caught Dumping Sh*t All Over Lower East Side

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The residents of the Lower East Side have been begging for the NYPD to increase enforcement of the neighborhood during weekend nights when the area becames ground zero for late night revelers. The NYPD graciously agreed to this request by sending the NYPD Mounted Unit into the area, because as a Jersey City resident explains, "mounted police are very intimidating, so they bring crime down." So all's well that ends well right? Not so fast.

Now that they have gotten the police presence they wanted, the neighborhood nudnicks have turned their ire towards the NYPD, complaining that the brave police horses are taking massive dumps all over the streets and then leaving the steaming manure piles for the shop owners and residents to clean up. One resident suggested having Sanitation workers follow the horses around with scoopers and bags, waiting for them to do their duty, a suggestion that probably wound up in a different pile of shit. When they complain to the human part of the Mounted Patrol, they are simply told that "it's biodegradable".
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