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My Maki Will Serve Sushi with Doritos, Chicken and Craisins

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A few weeks ago, we learned that a new sushi place was opening this month in Midtown called My Maki. Like so many new concepts these days, the menu is built around customization: you pick the wrap on the outside, the filling on the inside, any additional stuff you want in the middle, plus an outside garnish and dipping sauce. Ten pieces start at $5.50 — not a bad price, and not a bad idea, in theory.

But, a peek at their new website reveals that My Maki won't be serving up just any old rolls. They've created a list of ingredients — some traditional, some not so traditional — that when paired together might make for a truly disgusting lunch. Although no one mix and match combo may equal the bat shit craziness of the infamous Pop-Tarts sushi that once haunted the Midtown dining world, a few of these selections come pretty close.

A step by step guide to the My Maki sushi-making process is below.

Step One is where you select your roll. Can't really screw this one up:

Step Two is where you choose your protein. Can't decide between chicken or sushi for lunch? You don't have to:

Step Three is where things go off the rails. So: what else do you want in there? Doritos? Sure. Craisins? Why not! Jalapenos and pineapple? Hey, it's your lunch, you're the one that's going to eat it.

Step Four: Now you can top that mango and crawfish tail nori roll with a scallop mix, sesame seeds, or ginger. It's almost like something David Burke would do. Almost.

Step Five: And to finish it off, you select a sauce to dunk your everlasting gobstopper of a sushi roll into. Eel might be a good choice.
It looks like the My Maki website is set up so that you can create your Frankensushi online, and have it ready to go when you swing by the shop to pick it up. So, there's a convenience factor. Also, if you're the indecisive type, they do have a menu of "signature rolls." Our favorite is The Big Bird: chicken, japanese mayo, cilantro, craisins, potato sticks ($8.20). The shop should open in the next few weeks (they're currently looking for staff), and clearly the My Maki team has high hopes for their new concept — there's already a line of merchandise set up anticipation of full blown My Maki Mania. You've been warned.
· My Maki [Official Site]

My Maki

142 East 43rd Street, New York, NY 10174