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Protests At Continental Go On And On And On

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The group of protesters accusing the Continental of having a racist door policy are turning Astor Place into Tahrir Square, showing up at the bar for a third time in as many months to make their criticisms known. Continental owner Trigger has been rather up front with the group, saying that the bar simply has a dress code and not a color code, and provided the group with a Commission on Human Rights determination dismissing an earlier complaint to prove he is right.

That's not good enough for the ANSWER coalition, who say they won't give up these protests until Trigger sits down with them at a neutral location and discuss their three demands, which are for Trigger to post a nondiscrimination policy statement on the bar’s Web site, diversity training for the entire staff, and for the bar to host multicultural theme nights throughout the year. The best part is that the group doesn't even care if Trigger accepts all of the demands - they just want him to sit down at the bargaining table to talk about the demands. That doesn't seem to be the best way to rally the base. Trigger has apparently agreed to sit down with them, but somehow we think he is enjoying the attention.
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