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Chris Cannon's Alto and Convivio Both Closed for the Day

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Both Midtown's Alto and Tudor City's Convivio, the two restaurants that operator Chris Cannon kept in his split with Michael White, are coincidentally enough closed to the public today. Alto turned away purveyors today, and when called, a worker there said the restaurant was closed due to a flood last night and that it could be open by tomorrow. A reservationist at Convivio said they have private parties both during lunch and dinner and that they "should be" open tomorrow. For what it's worth, both restaurants have no reservations on OpenTable for the next few days.

A coincidence? Sure, it absolutely could be! A freak thing. But at least one Eater source reminds Eater that there's still that pesky major employee lawsuit owner Chris Cannon faces. We recently heard the case has moved forward and there could be a large settlement in the next couple of months.

Chris Cannon's people are awaiting confirmation but suspect nothing's amiss.
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