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Tolo Taco Tuesdays at Toloache; The Menu at Miss Lily's

Eater readers, please stay tuned as our brand spankin' new weekend coverage resumed tomorrow bright and early at Eater Weekends.

2011_miss_lilys.jpgSOHOMiss Lily's the somewhat secretive Jamaican restaurant from La Esquina's Serge Becker has been in previews to downtown's movers, shakers, and hotties for the past couple weeks. Today, they release a menu. Appetizers run from $7 - 11 and include cod fish fritters, smoked mackerel salad, and spiced pumpkin soup. Entrees run $15 - 23 and include a jerk pork burger, oxtail stew, and curry goat. Download the PDF here. [EaterWire]

SOHO—A Parlor Club representative asks Eater to clear up some inaccurate reports about their new venture. First, the name is Parlor New York and not the Parlor Club and second, the venue is still closed and won't be opening until May 1. One thing that is right is that there are only 100 members currently, but they will be expanding to 1000 members eventually. Start polishing those resumes. [EaterWire]

FINANCIAL DISTRICT—Starting March 8, every Tuesday is Tolo Taco Tuesday at Toloache Taqueria on Maiden Lane. That means from noon until 5 PM, all tacos are $2. [EaterWire]

SOHOCleo, a Mediterranean restaurant within Los Angeles' new Redbury Hotel, is opening a branch in Soho, Eater LA reports. The restaurant is know for it "star-spangled clientele and crispy Brussels sprouts." [Eater LA]

WEST VILLAGE—Former Eater intern and all around great guy Zach Feldman runs a little bitters company called Bitters Old Men and they are awesome! If you want to try them, Adam Schuman will be pouring cocktails with them on Saturday's party at Fatty Johnson's. [EaterWire]

Miss Lily's

132 West Houston Street, New York, NY 10012 Visit Website

Miss Lily's

132 West Houston St., New York, NY 10012