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Chris Cannon Shutters Convivio and Alto

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Earlier today we reported that Alto and Convivio, the two restaurants Chris Cannon kept in the split with Michael White, were closed to the public for the day. The folks at Alto cited a "flood," while those at Convivio mentioned multiple private parties. Both said they "should" be open tomorrow.

Perhaps not. A commenter revealed that his Convivio reservation for tomorrow night was just canceled, and now this is the message on the restaurant's phone line: "Thank you for calling Convivio. Sadly we will be closed permanently, we appreciate your patronage." No one answers at Alto and reps for Cannon have yet to respond, but a tipster tells Eater that he told the staff of both restaurants today that the closures were permanent.

Again, this is all speculation, but insiders tell Eater that they think it could be linked to the labor lawsuit that faces Cannon and the shareholders of the restaurant. That suit was against Alto, and word has it that the demands have only risen over the last six months as more staff members joined the suit.

No matter what the reason, it's a real shame for the workers at the restaurants, including skilled somm Levi Dalton, and the customers and fans, not to mention the poor chefs that just started post-White.
Update 1: A sign on the door at Alto says "Alto is closed. Sorry for the inconvenience." It does not say if the closure is permanent or flood related.
Update 2: Further inside sources confirm that Alto is also permanently closed. They also cite the lawsuit and legal fees.
Update 3: There wasn't much doubt, but here's the official statement from PR: "It is with great sadness that I report that both Alto and Convivio are officially closed for good. I have no other information to report at this time."
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