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Uniform Leads to Hate Crime Against Pink Teacup Waiter

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In a sad report today, NY1 reveals that two men brutally attacked a Pink Teacup worker at 4:30 AM on Saturday night in what the police are calling a hate crime. The two men noticed the 26 year-old worker Damian Furtch at the McDonald's on West 3rd and 6th Avenue after his shift "because he was wearing a fluorescent hat and pink shoelaces," part of his uniform at the newly revived Pink Teacup on 7th Ave. Teacup owner Lawrence Page described him as, "A gentle giant, wouldn't hurt anyone. Just that guy that you're definitely gonna remember and if he served you at the table, you'll request him when you come back."

The police are looking for two men between the ages of 18 and 20, one with a gothic cross tattoo under his left eye. Those who can stomach it can click through to see the gruesome photos and a video of the beating.
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The Pink Tecup

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