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Patrón Secret Dining Society: Back Big in 2011!

Scenes from last year's Patrón Secret Dining Society event in Atlanta.
It's springtime in your city, which can only mean one thing: The Patrón Secret Dining Society is back in a big way—big chefs, big flavor, big cocktails. It's going to be a good year.

We're particularly excited about the chef for the first event (April 8th in a glorious American city TBD). Patrón will reveal the details tomorrow on the Patrón Social Club, but for now, let us just say that this chef is a James Beard Award and Iron Chef challenge winner. Bravo, Patron!

If you're not a member of the Social Club, sign up by 3:30 pm tomorrow to be informed if you're near the event location. And once the announcement is made, you'll have three days to answer a riddle for a chance to win seats at the table.

Remember, only Patrón Social Club members will be eligible to win seats at the event. So go on, sign up today. And if you're already a member, we recommend getting further acquainted with the contents of the site, where the riddle answers will reside.