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Water Taxi Beach LIC May Not Open for 2011 Season

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NewYorkology pipes up with the alarming pre-summer bomb that Water Taxi Beach in Long Island City, the original fake urban beach, probably won't open for the summer 2011 season. While the Water Taxi Beach location down by the South Street Seaport is good to go on May 5 and the Governors Island location debuts on Memorial Day, WTC LIC is "on the rocks" due to a city construction project. A rep says they're negotiating to keep the space or obtain one like it nearby. They'll know within the month.

If they don't open, it'll be quite a blow to Long Island City—which will then only have M. Wells and Dutch Kills keeping it afloat—and to urban beach-goers citywide.
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Water Taxi Beach

2 Borden Ave., Queens, NY