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Caffe Muzio Opens in the Bones of Choptank

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[Krieger, 3/29/11]

Choptank, Bobby Werhane's West Village seafood joint, closed in December due to a burst pipe. Instead of reopening it as it was, Werhane revamped the space, split it in half, and reopened part of the space this week as a completely new concept. Meet Caffe Muzio, a new Italian restaurant serving a menu of affordable small plates and snacks, including items like blood sausage, chicken liver mousse, razor clams, arancini braised goat, and bone marrow sformato. It will eventually be open all day long but currently opens up at about 4 PM every afternoon.

The second half of the space will be unveiled as a fine dining restaurant next month. For now, have a look around Caffe Muzio and see its menu below. Hopefully, it can outlive the curse that took down Choptank and its predecessor Bar Q.

Sanguinaccio blood sausage 8
Nduja Spicy Calabrian sausage 9
Prosciutto La Quercia shaved almond 14
Lonza 14
Coppa Piccante 13
Carne Salata 12
Fegato chicken liver mousse 10
Cacciatorini Sotto ‘Aceto 7
Bone Marrow Sformato 12
Trippa alla Napoletana 13
Quaglia alla diavola 16
Razor Clam Scapece peppers, fennel 12
Capesante Crudo, smoked chilies, kiwi 15
Insalata di Mare 13
Oysters- East and West Coast
Baccala Mantecato bomba 10
Seppia alla piastra 15
Polpo, coco beans, nduja 17
Frittata fave e pecorino 10
Eggplant caponata currants, pine nuts 5
Funghi trifolati parsley, lemon 8
Roasted peppers, anchovy, oregano 9
Beets pistachio, lime, caramelized yogurt 11
Roasted Olives and Nuts 10
Bomba eggplant, green tomato, chilies 5
Arugula almonds, pecorino, lemon 10

Arancini braised goat, saffron, tomato 12
Crespelle chick peas, lamb, ricotta di capra 14
Insalata di lenticchie pancetta, poached egg, pickled vegetables, mustard seed 11

La Tur
Quadrello di Bufala
Blu di Moncenesio
Pecorino Junipero
Fiore Sardo
Capello del Mago
Pecorino Muffato


Crostata Marmellata
Panna Cotta
Olive Oil Cake
Crema Fresca
Chocolate Sformatino

Caffe Muzio
310 Bleecker Street, West Village

Caffe Muzio

310 Bleecker Street, New York, NY 10014 (212) 675-2009