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Nightlife Notebook: Parlor Club Opens, Double 7 News

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SOHO— You've been waiting more than a year, but the wait is finally over. Parlor Club (pictured), the members only club in Soho that promised to raise the douche threat level to red, has finally opened. After searching for people who were "intelligent, professionally ambitious, and never boring", the club settled on 100 charter members and is now accepting pleas for access via its website for those who want access to a restaurant, wine cellar and bar, which seems worth it because those things are really hard to find. [Urban Daddy]

MEATPACKING DISTRICT— After ending his dream at the Dream Downtown, David Rabin is going full speed ahead at Double 7. Apparently, the long in development lounge is now hoping for an April opening, as construction is still ongoing, the liquor license has not arrived, and the staff has not yet been assembled. You could build a skyscraper in China faster than this place. [GoaG]

MEATPACKING DISTRICT— What happens when you post something on a website that no one reads that gets picked up by a bigger website that only a few people read? Well, in the case of the blogger behind Notes on Nightlife, you wind up getting banned from your favorite club. The blogger wrote and removed a post disparaging club owners and the girls who love them, and apparently Team Simyone Lounge took it the wrong way. When she showed up to party, the doorman told her she was banned from the club she says she loved more than her ex boyfriend. Fascinating. [Notes On Nightlife]

MEATPACKING DISTRICT— While the battle for Bagatelle is over, don't expect big things from Brasserie Beaumarchais. These battles are always over money and ego, but the folks left to run the show usually realize that their partners actually did provide a service to the business. Our prediction? Beaumarchais will be gone in a year. [EaterWire]

CHINATOWN— As Albert Trummer gears up for Theater Bar's opening, we hear that the mediation and legal proceedings at Apotheke are proceeding briskly. A tipster tells Eater that a court appointed appraiser was in the bar yesterday doing full valuation of the space. Expect a settlement announcement in the next two months. [EaterWire]

Parlor Club

286 Spring St., New York, NY