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Brunch at Edi & The Wolf; Beastie Boys Love Kin Shop

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2011_beastie_boys_kinshop.jpgWEST VILLAGEKin Shop added two new items to the lunch menu: a beef brisket madtarbark, and a diver sea and bay scallops dish. Also: the Beastie Boys are apparently big fans of Harold Dieterle's Thai-influenced cuisine. There's a signed photo of the crew up in the restaurant (pictured). The inscription reads: "Harold, I'll take my wok + stir fry your ass any time!-- MC A." [EaterWire]

EAST VILLAGEEdi & the Wolf is launching brunch this weekend. The menu features tartines, a burger, eggs and a few assorted Austrian breakfast dishes. All entrees are $14 and come with coffee or juice and a bread basket. [EaterWire]

WILLIAMSBURG — Starting Saturday, New Orleans-themed raw bar and cocktail den Maison Premiere is running a two week "Oysters For Absinthe" promotion. When you order one of their signature Absinthe cocktails, you get a free oyster. On March 8, the Maison Premiere House Band will also be playing some live jazz for Mardi Gras. [EaterWire]

COUPON CHASING — Oh, good, more Groupon clones! First, one from the New York Times called TimesLimited, that offers deals within small time limits. Then comes Bing Deals from the Microsoft search engine, which will help you find deals on your mobile phone based on your location. [Media Memo, TechCrunch via EN]

Maison Premiere

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Kin Shop

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