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Wild, Flesh Mashing Times At The Chelsea Room

While the Hotel Chesea waits for Andre Balazs, Ian Schrager or some other white knight to come in an rescue it, the hotel's nightlife space is enjoying a new run as the Chelsea Room. How are things working out? A recent visit by the New York Times revealed a "a harrowing vision of the future", with Ibiza-esque techno music, women dancing on couches and the vision of "an obese bald man unbuttoned his shirt and mashed a female companion’s face into the fleshy folds of his midsection." Wow. Also noted is a lack of a cover charge, although how many downtown boítes have cover charges? Don't get too excited about the savings, since drinks there are on the pricey side.
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The Chelsea Room

222 West 23rd St., New York, NY 10011