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The Darby Explains $2 Ice Charge is Because of 'Bigger Pour'

Yesterday a reader sent in a receipt from MePa supper club The Darby, which featured a surprise $2 charge for the "rocks" that accompanied a Grey Goose. Today, the restaurant's general manager tried to explain the extra fee to the Daily News:

Drinks with ice get a bigger pour...We charge more because we use more alcohol for a drink served with ice. We're not charging for the ice...Clearly, this person doesn't go out much and doesn't know how things work.
But, even if the pour is bigger, shouldn't they just have that as its own charge, and let customers know they're paying more? Also: the NYDN called around to places like Pegu Club, Dram and The Odeon and none of the bartenders had ever heard of pouring more booze in rocks drinks. What's more, PDT and Dutch Kills, which both use "fancy ice" from Okamoto Studios in Queens, don't even charge for the clear stuff. That $25 entertainment fee also remains a complete mystery.
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The Darby

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The Darby

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