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The Darby Charges $2 for Ice, $25 for Entertainment

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2011_03_darby5.jpgA reader sends in the reciept to the right and files the following complaint:

This weekend my friends and I went to The Darby for dinner. We knew in advance that the menu was pricey, and overall the experience was a good one. However, there were a few ridiculous charges throughout the night we thought other patrons should be aware of in the future.

First of all, at the bar my friend ordered a Grey Goose on the rocks. In addition to the $13 they charge for a small glass of vodka, they actually had the audacity to charge an additional TWO DOLLARS for ice, separately!

A) Shouldn't a $13 cocktail absorb the cost of ice?
B) OR, couldn't they have just made the drink $15 to avoid such a ridiculous and insulting charge?
C) In what universe are 3 ice cubes worth $2??

Also, when we got our huge bill at the end of the evening, there was an additional $25 per person charge for "entertainment fees." This increased our overall bill by $100- and no one mentioned it to us at all. Not the reservationist who called us twice to confirm the reservation, not the hostess, not our waiter. I don't have a problem paying a cover for entertainment, but $25 per person does add up for large parties. Plus, its a bit steep just to hear a glorified wedding band play for 15 minutes intervals. It would have been nice to know upon being seated that this charge existed. Maybe we would have had one less drink, or maybe not. Its just a bit shocking to find out that you owe an additional $100 on top of a very expensive meal ($17 for caesar salad was the cheapest item on the menu) without any indication or mention throughout the entire night!
Other people have been zinged by the "entertainment charge" as well, which is apparently printed at the bottom of the menu and only applies on Friday and Saturday nights. It is possible that the midweek menu made it onto this table or they just missed the fine print. But there had to be some way to cover the cost of the band and performers, and a not so aggressive turnover of tables means the Darby has a limited shot of selling food. Besides, the food prices themselves really couldn't go much higher. Hence charging for ice. Maybe they can put a coin machine in the bathrooms.
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The Darby

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The Darby

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