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Samuelsson Launches Food Republic; D-Biggity's B-day

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LAUNCHES & RELEASESFood Republic, Marcus Samuelsson's new male-centric food and lifestyle site is live. According to its mission statement the site is about "The art of food. The politics of food. The culture around food. And drink too—the bar scene, the gentlemanly cocktail, the wine pairing, the microbrew, the artisanal soda, the perfect cup of coffee." Plus bonus interviews with people like Roy Choi and recipes for burgers and spicy meatballs.. [Food Republic]

NEWARKDinosaur BBQ, the great barbecue chain that has a location in Morningside Heights, is opening up a branch in Newark. It will open later this year. [NJ]

UPPER EAST SIDE— A big happy birthday to chef Daniel Boulud, who was born on this day back in 1955. [Saveur]

TRIBECADa Mikele, a Tribeca pizzeria brought to us by the folks behind Luzzo's, is a few months old, but it's just now getting its liquor license. Every day from 4 to 7 PM, they'll offer complimentary snacks, or sfizi, paired with cocktails and wines. [EaterWire]