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Rhong Tiam, Ed's Lobster Bar Eye the Lower East Side

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The new agenda for Community Board 3's SLA Licensing Committee meeting has been released (though is not yet online), and as usual there are a few good highlights. Ed McFarland, the lobster wrangler who owns Ed's Lobster Bar in Soho and a lobster kiosk in Battery Park City, is appearing before the board for 25 Clinton Street, the former home of Satchiko's. McFarland tells Eater that should he get approved, this location will be an offshoot of sorts of his Soho venture, not an exact replica. Let's hope he gets the green light. Meanwhile Rhong Tiam could possibly make its grand return to the below Houston dining scene over a year after its Greenwich Village and East Village locations closed with its application for 154 Orchard St.

A group going by the name Downtown Dining LLC is finally taking over the old 205 space. Given CB3's history with this space, this one could be quite the fight. A new entity called Bodega del Sol is after the old Paladar/current Imperial Tavern space, and a humorously named Not a Bookstore LLC is up for the old Superdive space (hardcore Superdive/CB3 followers will get the joke here). Also the long in coming Caffe Buon Gusto on B and East 5th is back on the docket, and an entity called 4AB is after the current Tonda space.

The full agenda is pasted below:

SLA & DCA Licensing Committee
Monday, April 11 at 6:30pm -- JASA/Green Residence - 200 East 5th Street at Bowery
applicant's name follow by current owner if applicable

Applications within Resolution Areas
1. Entity to be Formed, 161 Ludlow St (op) (Paladar)
2. Bodega Del Soul, 161 Ludlow St (op)
3. U-2 (Saint King J Corp), 6 St Marks Pl (3rd-4th Fl) (wb)
4. Landbrot (185 Orchard St Landbrot LLC), 185 Orchard St (wb)
5. Not a Bookstore LLC, 200 Ave A (op) (Superdive)
6. A Casa Fox, 173 Orchard St (op)
7. Hourglass Holdings Inc, 9 St Marks Pl (up/op)
8. Rhong-Tiam Express (Orchard Garden 154 Inc), 154 Orchard St (op)
9. Casimir, 105 Ave B (op)
10. Ave B Caffe Buon Gusto Inc, 545 E 5th St (aka 76 Ave B) (wb)
11. Three Monkeys Restaurant Inc, 99 Rivington St (up/op)
12. Solo Pizza (Solo Pizza Inc), 27 Ave B (wb)
13. Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop (Ghozo LLC), 129 Rivington St (wb)
Sidewalk Café Applications
14. Café Cotto (Pasta Bar Café Corp), 127 Ave C
15. Plump Dumpling (Big Dumpling Corp), 174 2nd Ave
16. Percy's Tavern (Steelbar 180 Inc), 210 Ave A
17. 133 Essex Restaurant LLC, 133 Essex St (trans/op) (Evans Ford LLC)
18. CastleBlade Inc, 164 Suffolk St (alt/addition of 20 chairs in adjacent space)
19. Radley Realty Corp, 325 Bowery (alt/ extend license to sidewalk)
20. Huzzah LLC, 221 Second Ave (alt/op/adding second bar to back of establishment)
21. To Be Determined, 500 E 11th St (trans/op) (Angels & Kings)
22. Goat Town (511 E 5th St LLC), 511 E 5th St (up/op)
23. To Be Determined, 351 E 12th St (trans/op) (Resto Leon)
24. 4AB LLC, 235 E 4th St (trans/op) (Tonda)
25. Tera Thai Inc, 137 1st Ave (Store 1) (alt/wb)
26. Spice Cove (CNR Enterprises NY Inc), 326 E 6th St, West Store (trans/wb)
27. Via Della Pace (48 E 7th St Associates Inc), 48 E 7th St (alt/op/extend license to 2 outside tables and chairs within property line)
28. Ed's Lobster Bar (Ed's Lobster Bar Annex LLC), 25 Clinton St (trans/op) (Sachiko's on Clinton)
29. To Be Determined, 700 E 9th St (trans/op) (Banjo Jim's)
30. Downtown Dining LLC, 205 Chrystie St (trans/op) (205)
New Liquor License Applications
31. Trim Castle Corp, 87 2nd Ave (op)
32. South Brooklyn Pizza (122 First Pizza Inc), 122 1st Ave (wb)
33. To Be Determined, 175 E Houston St (op)
34. Hotel Tortuga (One Hen Two Ducks Inc), 223 2nd Ave (wb)
35. Nom Wah Tea Parlor (Nom Wah Dim Sum Parlor Inc), 13 Doyers St (wb)
36. Agave Azul (228 Rest Corp), 228 1st Ave (op)
37. The Other WineBar, 412 E 9th St (wb)
38. To Be Determined, 107 1st Ave (wb)
39. Cherin Sushi (Tenzin and Tenzin Corp), 306 E 6th St (wb)
40. Sauce Restaurant (Coda Di Bue LLC), 78-84 Rivington St (wb)
b=beer only | wb=wine & beer only | op=liquor, wine, & beer | alt=alterations | trans=transfer | up=upgrades

Ed's Lobster Bar LES?

25 Clinton St., New York, Ny