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The Early Word on Chris Iacono's Giuseppina's

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Chris Iacono's highly anticipated Giuseppina's opened earlier this month. Chris, whose brother Mark owns the wildly popular Lucali in Carroll Gardens, is currently offering pizzas and calzones with wine and beer. Let's see what people are already saying:

The Near Perfect News: Kristen V. Brown over at Park Slope Patch had an amazing experience at the new Giuseppina's. She writes: The pizza, though, was truly a work of art. The crust was the perfect thinness and charred nicely just like the calzone. It was topped tomato sauce, a combination of both high and low moisture mozzarellas and Pecorino Romano for just the right amount of cheesiness, and then a giant handful of fresh basil. Pepperoni – imported from Italy – was nice and crispy... Simply put: it was everything the perfect pie should be." [Park Slope Patch]

The Somewhat Disappointed News: Chowhound commenter bobjbkln was disappointed by his first encounter with the pizza. He writes: "We were somewhat disappointed, the thin crust was not quite crisp enough (of course this was one pie, not necessarily a trend and we didn't specifically asked for well done). The cheeses in the topping were very good , but the sauce was a little too bland. It also wasn't quite "greasy" enough for our taste. We missed the olive oil drizzle." Too bad. He does note that the service was friendly and helpful and he preferred the spacing of the tables here (as opposed to Lucali's). [Chowhound]

The Stingy on the Toppings News: Yelper Oraia R. had a pretty good pie, but thought it was kind of overpriced, and felt there were not enough toppings: "Toppings are barely there. We ordered shallots, mushrooms and hot peppers. In the 2.5 slices I had, I didn't have one mushroom, got some peppers (read: 3 thin slices). I didn't taste any garlic (but the Gentle Man did on his slices) yet there was a TON of basil? Weird that they would be kinda stingy on what you were paying for, yet generous on the free topping?" [Yelp]

The Good/Cheesy Italian-American Music News: Yelper Claire F. already has two Yelp check ins at Giuseppina's. In her review she notes: "The service was overeager, but helpful and attentive. The hostess triaged the crowd of people and sat us all quickly. When we asked about ingredients, one of the managers came over to chat with us.... The cheesy Italian American songs in the background -- from That's Amore! to Mambo Italiano to some Sinatra -- just make you smile." She also writes that she is really excited about what's to come. [Yelp]

The Twitterific News: Tweeter Lindsay B. is thoroughly pleased with Giuseppina's. She tweets: It's only been five days, and I'm already fiercely craving Giuseppina's again. Pizza and $15 bottles of wine, you are cruel mistresses." [Twitter]

The Foursquare Tips: Tips from Foursquare critics are mixed. Emily N. notes the "Delicious pizza. Laid back, good lighting" while Lauren T. comments "Sad wine portions. Soggy crust." [Foursquare]
—Jackie Goldstein


691 6th Ave., Brooklyn, NY