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Taavo Somer's New Burg Project to be 'Hippie' not 'Hipster'

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More intel is slowly leaking on Taavo Somer's secretive new Williamsburg restaurant on Wythe and South 2nd Street. Though he has never formally confirmed the project, word has spread about their three story Southside building through community boards and rumormills for the past year or so. And today, there's more:

We hear that the chef will be Uruguayan toque Ignacio Mattos, recently of Il Buco. And more importantly, the vibe will be hippie, not hipster. Says one tipster, "So kind of like how Freemans was the pioneer of hipster, and The Knot was nautical, this is supposed to be some kind of hippie place." We'll assume that means organic on the plate and Neil Young on the radio? We just hope this doesn't mean they'll be serving kombucha.
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Tavo Somer Burg Extravaganza

Wythe Ave. and S. 2nd St., Brooklyn, NY