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High Line Seeks Food Vendor Partners for Elevated Picnicking

With spring technically here (along with an extra helping of sleet), what better way to enjoy our soon to be blooming city than a picnic up on the High Line? Visitors to the elevated park have been hankering for more munchies—a list of area restaurants have provided food on a rotating basis in just one section—and now the Friends of the High Line are looking for some food cart partners to provide the eats. A Request for Proposals has just been issued, offering entrepreneurial opportunities for savvy food vendors. To match the ever changing gardens on high, they're looking for some operators who can offer top quality, seasonal goodies that are sustainable and fairly priced. With over 2,000,000 visitors in 2010 the High Line could be the perfect place to traffic in treats.

Street food is a New York City tradition, perfect for folks on the run, and the High Liners propose to elevate it to a whole new level. The Chelsea Passage above Tenth Avenue at 15th Street will be food central, with three spots for portable carts up high. On the lower level Chelsea Market Porch overlooking the Hudson will be another spot with tables and chairs. And did we mention the possibility of beer and wine? When Section 2 opens and the sun is beating down, the new stretch of lawn near 23rd Street, a fine spot for snacking, will be home to another cart. Those who want to get on board must submit their proposals by April 14 and be ready to dish up the delicacies by June.
—Pete Davies
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