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Plywood Down at Carmellini's Spring Blockbuster The Dutch

A loyal Eater reader sends in the above photo of chef Andrew Carmellini's long-in-coming highly-anticipated restaurant of the season, The Dutch. The plywood shed is finally down, the awnings of the former restaurant, the Cub Room, are just now off, the new windows are in.

Carmellini's American restaurant was originally scheduled to open in early fall but was held up due to a laundry list of the usual issues (we hear city red tape, contractors, etc.). Insiders reveal it should hopefully be open within the next month, for realz this time. For more on what to expect from the menu, here are thoughts from Carms, Krader, Carms again, and Krader again.
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The Dutch

131 Sullivan Street, Manhattan, NY 10012 Visit Website

The Dutch

131 Sullivan St., New York, NY