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Early Diners Weigh In on The Trilby at the Cooper Sq. Hotel

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The third dining installment at the Cooper Square Hotel (the successor to Table 8 and the recently shuttered Faustina) is The Trilby, which opened late last month. The dark and loungey space serves European style comfort food in a space which seems more akin to drinking. Of course the criticism has already begun! To the early word:

The Good News: The "Culinary Adventurer" Josh Beckerman writes about his great experience at The Trilby on NYC Foodie. He also notes the space is more bar than restaurant, but it is a bar that happens to have great food. He reports: "Unlike the previous two restaurants, this is now a bar first, which happens to serve really good food. There is a cool bar upon entering, with a sexier lounge in the back. This is the perfect place on the Bowery to grab a beer or drink, and if you are hungry, then the food will not disappoint too... Warm artichoke dip ($10), served with toast is some of the best artichoke dip I've had. It's made with yogurt and tofu, which is unique and great. Order it." [NYC Foodie]

The Majority of the Food was Bad News: Will Chu of Chu on Food files an early review of The Trilby where he appreciates the ambiance but can't seem to get past the lackluster food: "Not every thing that we ordered was awful?like the Short Rib Sliders with Slaw were tasty but nothing special. The 6 Minute Egg on spinach toast with anchovy was tasty as well, but then again you can put egg, toast, anchovy and you’ll always have a good outcome...The only time I would return to The Trilby would be for some aperitifs with a date or group of friends before heading to eat at another restaurant with better food." [ChuOnFood]

The Vampire News: Zagat Buzz files a Day One review of The Trilby, and the piece is studded with mentions of vampires, Robert Pattinson, The Smiths, Big Macs and Tim Burton. Zagat Buzz agrees that The Trilby seems to fit into the category of a place you go to on a night of hopping. Here is what writer James Mulcahy had to say about the food: "If you’re looking for a menu as ambitious as those at this spot’s two predecessors, you’re not going to find it. Instead, you’ll be able to nosh on inexpensive comfort food like a hearty artichoke dip ($10) or burrata gnocchi with cherry tomatoes ($13). The Trilby burger ($15) will likely prove popular, and not just because its special sauce is a spot-on imitation of what you find on a Big Mac." [ZagatBuzz]

The Well Done News: Yelper Nigel T. seemed to have a blast on opening night at The Trilby. He writes: Live in the hood and stumbled in on what was apparently opening night. We were impressed with the friendly staff and the prices--not what you'd expect from your typical hotel bar. Had a great cocktail called a Bee Sting and also some very good steak tartare and artichoke dip. High end bar food with a bistro-ish feel. All in all a good time. Well done The Trilby. Good to see some quality in the East Village. [Yelp]

The Spend Your $40 Elsewhere News: Another Yelper felt quite differently about The Trilby. Chris G. writes: "Bloody Mary...BORING. Nice garnish. Artichoke dip...Bland and tinny tasting, canned artichokes...avoid it. Burger. Nice try, props for the malt vinegar for the fries (fries suck BTW). Ordered rare,came out juicy closer to Med rare. but flavorless. Save yourself $40 and go else where." [Yelp]

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The Trilby

25 Cooper Sq., New York, NY